Open from 9.30am!!!😃

closing times vary

No outside food to be brought in to the venue


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    ALL4KIDS is back!

    No bookings required. From 9.30AM everyday!

    closed December 24th re open January 3rd


    New Ninja Course

    With 12 sections of climbing, bouncing & swinging! This new product is sure to be a hit.

    Building Block World

    Do you like to build things like Bob? Well this area will keep the kids occupied for hours.  Build a castle or a spaceship?

    Giant Inflatable course

    Not for the faint hearted, this inflatable have a commando course with a 1.5 metre jumping platform at the end, some great slides & a wrecking ball!

    Interactive sports zone

    Soccer, Basketball & killing Zombies these 3 sports areas will light up the children as they go head to head with these interactive s games. Challenging themselves or other kids.